Earthdog Trials

These tests are for dogs bred to retrieve critters that live in tunnels or dens. The Dachshund, which translated means "badger hound," and the smaller terriers are eligible to participate in these competitions.

The object is to locate the quarry in a tunnel or a den. In the tests, rats, caged for their protection, or a mechanical, scented device, are used.

Tests are conducted at four different levels:

^ First the dog takes an introductory test to see if he has any aptitude. There is no title for this test, but it's a prerequisite for a title.

^ After the dog has passed the introductory test, he's eligible to compete for the Junior Earthdog (JE) title.

^ Next is the Senior Earthdog (SE) title.

^ Last is the Master Earthdog (ME) title.

Naturally, the level of difficulty increases with each title. As the levels progress, the distance from which the dog has to locate the den is increased and the tunnels that the dog has to encounter become more complex.

Earthdog trials are quite a specialized activity and explain the penchant these dogs have for redesigning the backyard. The instinct of terriers is to discover and root out the critters that live underground. This can lead to monumental "landscaping." Our Dachshunds are forever digging for moles or anything else that might be under the ground. Of course, anything recently planted must be immediately dug up just to make sure nothing edible has been buried.

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