Enjoying The Great Dog Camp Adventure

All camps combine a vacation element, where you and Buddy can enjoy each other. If you feel you want to take a week's vacation with Buddy, where you can go have fun and learn more about dogs, training, or a particular activity, then dog camp is the place for you.

Dog camps have been around ever since we can remember. When we became serious about training and competing with our dogs, dog camps are where we went. They were great fun and invaluable learning experiences. In 1977, we started our own camps, and since then have conducted almost 100, in the United States, Canada, and England.

Most dog camps last from four to five days, and the number of participants can range from 20 to more than 100. A few of the distinguishing features are

1 Some are highly structured, with each hour of the day filled with specific activities, while others are more loosely organized.

1 Some camps are program driven, where you learn a particular approach to training, and others are activity driven, where you're exposed to a variety of things you and Buddy can do together.

1 Some are designed for a particular activity, such as agility or obedience competition, and others are more general.

1 Some require prior training experience, and others don't.

1 Some include room and board in the tuition; others include only the camp itself.

1 Some are held in full-fledged conference centers offering every conceivable amenity, others in more Spartan settings.

A good starting point for more information about dog camps is the Internet.

Part V

The Part of Tens

This part is packed with quick lists that you can read in a flash. Here you can find ten (okay, eleven) sporting activities that you and Buddy can share together, ten commands every dog needs to know, ten reasons why dogs do some of the things that they do, and ten or so tricks that will amaze and astound. Have fun!

Dog Potty Training

Dog Potty Training

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