Establish a regular toilet area

Start by selecting a toilet area and always take Buddy to that spot when you want him to eliminate. If possible, pick a place in a straight line from the house. Carry your puppy or put him on leash. Stand still and let him concentrate on what he's doing. Be patient and let him sniff around. After he's done, tell him what a clever puppy he is and play with him for a few minutes. Don't take him directly back inside so that he doesn't get the idea that he only gets to go outside to do his business and learns to delay the process just to stay outside.

Witnessing the act of your puppy relieving himself outside, followed by playtime, is perhaps one of the most important facets of housetraining. The first sign of not spending enough time outside with your puppy is when he comes back inside and has an accident. Letting the puppy out by himself isn't good enough — you have to go with him until his schedule has been developed.

Where you live will dictate your housetraining strategies. In a city, where dogs have to be curbed to relieve themselves, you need to keep Buddy on leash. You also need to pick up after him, please! If you walk your dog in a park or through a neighborhood, you also need to pick up after him. Don't let him do his business in a neighbor's yard — not even in the yard of that old crotchety neighbor who yelled at your children.

Even in your own yard, unless you have oodles of land, you need to pick up after him for sanitary reasons. If you have a fenced yard and don't mind where he goes, you can let him off leash. If you want him kept to a particular spot, keep him on leash and then clean up.

You may also want to teach Buddy a command, such as "Hurry up," so that you can speed up the process when necessary. Time the command to just before he starts and then lavishly praise when he has finished. After several repetitions, Buddy will associate the command with having to eliminate.

Dog Potty Training

Dog Potty Training

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