Finally He Grows Up

No matter how much you wish that cute little puppy could remain as is, your pup is going to grow up. It happens anywhere from 1 to 4 years. Over the course of those years, your dog will undergo physical and emotional changes For you, the owner, the most important one is your dog's sense of identity — the process of becoming an individual in his own right. If you provide leadership through training, he'll reward you with many years of loyal devotion.

To breed or not to breed your dog? That's the question

Generally, don't even contemplate breeding your dog unless

I Your dog is purebred and registered.

I You didn't get your dog from an animal shelter or pet store.

I You have at least a three-generation pedigree for your dog.

I Your dog has at least four titled dogs, such as conformation or working titles, in the last three generations.

1 Your dog is certified free of genetic disorders applicable to the breed.

1 Your dog conforms to the standard for its breed.

1 Your dog has a stable temperament.

Breeding dogs for the purpose of exposing your children to the miracle of birth is not a good idea. The world already has enough dogs that don't have homes, and finding homes for your puppies will be much more difficult than you think, if not impossible. Rent a video!

Dog Potty Training

Dog Potty Training

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