Finding the Right Food for Your

Not all dog foods are alike; there are enormous quality differences. The cliché "garbage in, garbage out" applies with terrifying validity. So many choices are available today that trying to make an informed decision can become an overwhelming task. In this section, we help you tackle the job by the process of elimination. Two commonly used criteria immediately come to mind: advertising and price.

In choosing a food for your dog, forget about advertising and price. They aren't valid criteria for selection. You need to make the decision based on what is in the food and on your dog's nutritional requirements.

^ Forget about advertising. Disregard what the ad says about how good this food is for your dog. It may be okay for Buddy, but perhaps it isn't. You have to look at the food's ingredients.

^ Forget about price. This works both ways. Just because one brand of food costs more doesn't necessarily mean it's better than a less expensive variety.

Following is a quick checklist to help you determine whether Buddy is getting what he needs. Note that for each item Buddy, not an advertisement, is the source of your information.

□ He has large, voluminous stools that smell awful.

□ His teeth get dirty and brown.

□ He constantly sheds.

□ He is prone to ear and skin infections.

□ He has no energy or is hyperactive.

□ He easily picks up worms and has to be wormed frequently.

All the items in the previous checklist happen occasionally with any dog — but only occasionally. When several of the items on the list occur frequently or continuously, you need to find out why.


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