Getting Attacked by Another

What do you do when you're walking your dog down the street on leash and another dog comes out of nowhere and attacks your dog? You do this:

^ No matter what, don't yell or scream. Remember, prey drive is stimulated by sound — especially high-pitched sounds.

Screaming just escalates the intensity of a dogfight. Try to keep calm at all times.

^ While you have hold of the leash, your dog is at the mercy of the other dog. Let go so he can either retreat or fend for himself.

1 For your own safety, don't try to separate the dogs, or you may get bitten. In the vast majority of incidents like this, one dog gives up, and the other one walks away.

1 Find out who the loose dog belongs to so you can take appropriate action.

When we trained and exhibited our Yorkshire Terrier, Ty, we got into the habit of being ever vigilant about the intentions of other dogs. We learned to position ourselves between Ty and other dogs so that they couldn't make eye contact with each other. Fortunately, we never had any incidents with him.

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