Getting Buddy to discriminate between your scent and someone elses

Sequence 5's goal is to teach your dog discrimination between your scent and another person's. Up until now, Buddy has learned only to find your article among unscented ones. The object of this exercise is to teach him to find your article among those that someone else has touched.


Before you send your dog, have a helper briefly touch the articles on the board. Then place yours. You and Buddy are still facing the board.

Some handlers make an effort to give the dog their scent by briefly holding their hand in front of the dog's nose. We feel that by now your dog should know your scent and consider the effort superfluous. It also loads up the dog's nose with scent just when you want his nose to be clear.

Some dogs catch on quickly, and others need to go back to the beginning with two articles tied down. You'll have to experiment with Buddy to see how he does. Try it with all eight articles tied down. If he gets hopelessly confused, start at the beginning.

When your dog is reliable at this step, introduce distractions the same way that you do for the Retrieve.

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