Getting Buddy to ignore distractions

Sequence 7's goal is to teach Buddy to ignore distractions.

Begin by having a distracter crouch about two feet from Buddy's line of travel and where you intend to drop him. Call and give him the command or signal to drop.

He may do one of several things:

^ Anticipate the drop — that is, slow down or drop before you have given the command or signal

^ Drop after he's gone past the distracter

^ Not drop at all

^ Avoid the distracter by arcing away from him or her

^ Not respond to the "Come" command

^ Actually do it correctly (not likely the first time you try this exercise)

Avoid having Buddy anticipate the drop by randomly alternating between [Cojl Straight Recalls and Drop On Recalls.

Here's what you do if Buddy does one of those preceding things:

^ If Buddy anticipates the drop: You need to show him exactly what you want him to do, that is, keep coming to you until you tell him to down. You show him as follows: Slowly go to him without saying anything, put the leash on the dead ring of the collar, and with a little tension on the collar, guide him to the spot where you were when you called him. (You go backward, Buddy goes forward.) Have Buddy sit in front, and then praise and release him backward. No extra command is given. Alternate on a random basis between Straight Recalls and Drop On Recalls to avoid anticipation.

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