Getting Buddy to respond to Ready

The goal of Sequence 3 is to teach your dog to respond to the "Ready!" command:

1. Attach the leash to the training collar, and sit your dog at Heel position.

2. Hold the leash in Control Position and look at your dog, keeping your left shoulder absolutely straight.

3. Quietly and in an excited tone of voice, say, "Ready!"

4. Say "Buddy, heel," start at a fast pace as quickly as you can for ten paces, and release.

5. Repeat ten times.

Here are a couple helpful hints for you as you do this sequence the first few times:

^ Wait until you've finished the command before you start to run. It would hardly be fair to your dog to take off without having told him what you want. You may feel a little tension on the leash before Buddy understands that you want him to move with you.

i Resist the temptation to let your left hand trail out behind you when you feel a little tension on the leash, and resist the urge to let your left shoulder drop. Hook the thumb of your left hand under your waistband and lock it in place, and concentrate on keeping that left shoulder straight.

After four to five tries, you'll notice that Buddy is actually responding when you say "Ready!" and is outrunning you.

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