Getting Buddy to stand at heel on signal

You give the signal with your left hand, from right to left. Your palm is down and parallel to the ground, above and ahead of the dog's eyes.

The Stand isn't a very exciting or motivating exercise for your dog, so we don't recommend practicing it more than five times during a session. And always follow it with something your dog likes.

Introducing Buddy to the "Stand" signal

Your Sequence 1 goal is to introduce your dog to the "Stand" signal:

1. Review standing your dog at heel (see Chapter 14).

2. Put the thumb of your right hand through the collar under the dog's chin.

3. Stand your dog with the command and signal.

4. Make sure that his front feet remain in place.

5. Praise and release.

6. Repeat this sequence ten times, not necessarily at one session.

Getting Buddy to stand at heel from motion

Your Sequence 2 goal is to teach your dog to stand at heel from motion:

1. With Buddy off leash, in Heel position, say "Let's go" and start walking.

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