Go back to your dog and send him with the Find Mine command

What you want him to do is to find your keys by retracing your steps and then using his nose to locate the keys.

Over the course of several sessions, make the Find Mine game increasingly difficult. For example, a fairly advanced search would involve you going into one room, coming out again, and going into another room and putting the keys behind a wastebasket. Anytime he gets stuck, help him by showing him where you placed the keys. Remember to praise and reward correct responses, although you no longer have to do it every time.

The goal in Sequence 4 is for your dog to discriminate between objects (see Chapter 17).

For many years, this has been our favorite trick. Like any good trick, it's baffling if you don't understand how it's done, yet childishly simple for the dog.

It starts with the knowledge that a dog's nose is far more powerful than a human's, and that he's able to discriminate between different scents. He can certainly tell the difference between you and anybody else. Armed with this knowledge, you're ready to fleece anyone gullible enough to take on Buddy.

Dog Potty Training

Dog Potty Training

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