Gradually increase the distance to about six feet

This last sequence goes quickly because your dog has learned to respond to the "Bang" command and signal. You can then gradually increase the time between his response and the praise, reward, and release to 30 seconds. After that, start giving the reward on a random basis.

Teaching Buddy tricks that use his natural tendencies is generally easier. If your dog has a quirky habit, you may find that you can turn it into a fun trick. When you see a behavior you want to turn into a trick, tell your dog how clever he is and give him a treat. For example, when you see Buddy do a play bow (front legs down and stretched out in front of him, rear leg standing up), and you want to turn the behavior into a trick, praise him when you see him do it and give him a treat. Next, give the behavior a command, such as "Take a bow," and when you see him do it, give the command, praise, and reward. It won't take long before Buddy responds to the command. Another example is "Sit up and beg," which is a favorite of one of our Dachshunds who sits up and begs any time she wants a treat. She is now rewarded only rarely for the behavior, but that doesn't stop her from trying.

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