Have your helper add another bill

Each time your dog is successful, have your helper add another bill, until there are a total of ten bills from which to choose. While Buddy is learning this trick, he will occasionally make a mistake and bring back a wrong bill. Take it from him and send him again with "Find Mine." Reward every correct response. You'll need to replace the wrong bill that the dog brought back — it now has his saliva on it.

The fun part comes when you change the denomination and get other people involved. Say you have a half-dozen visitors. During a lull in the conversation you say, "Did you know that our dog can tell a twenty dollar bill from a single?" Of course, nobody is going to believe you. So, you take out a twenty and ask if "anybody has any ones?" Crumple up your twenty and have the others crumple up their singles. Then have Buddy do his number.

A variation is to ask for someone else's twenty with the understanding that if your dog retrieves it, you get to keep it. Naturally, you can only handle that twenty and the person who gave it to you can't contribute any singles. Good luck!

Dog Potty Training

Dog Potty Training

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