Heading to Boarding School

When you outsource the job by sending your dog to a boarding school, Buddy will typically be boarded at the training facility for a specified period, such as three to six weeks.

Sending Buddy to boarding school isn't an option that we can strongly advocate. Why get a dog that you don't want to spend time? We view this option as one of last resort, when you absolutely can't make any other arrangements. For us, at least, it seems a contradiction of having a dog in the first place.

If boarding school is the only option for you, here are some things you need to look for. Before you take this step, inspect the facility.

^ How do the other dogs look?

^ Ask for a demonstration.

^ Trust your instincts — Buddy is your dog!

After your dog has completed the program, the trainer will then work with you for several sessions to show you how to get Buddy to respond to you. It's then your responsibility to keep up the training.

As an alternative to sending Buddy off for three to six weeks, you may want to consider a doggie daycare facility that also offers training. That way at least you can pick Buddy up in the evening and monitor his progress.

Dog Care Duty

Dog Care Duty

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