Heeling with Distractions

Now that you've taught Buddy to pay attention to you on command and while he's sitting at the Heel position, you have to teach him to pay attention during heeling. Up to now, most of your heeling has probably been done in areas relatively free of distractions, perhaps even in the same location (see Chapter 8). The time has come to expand your and Buddy's horizons. You need to get him out to new places.


For Buddy, any new location is a form of distraction training. Everything looks different, and more important, there are new smells. When you take him to a new place, let him acclimate himself first — take in the sights and smells. Give him a chance to relieve himself.

When you participate in an obedience trial, defecating in the ring is an automatic nonqualification (NQ), so you need to teach Buddy that when he's working it's not the time or place for bathroom breaks.

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