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Many dogs experience fear or anxiety under different conditions. For example, anxiety can occur i When Buddy goes on a trip away from home i Before and during thunderstorms i When Buddy goes to the vet i When Buddy encounters situations that he perceives as stressful

We've been quite successful in dealing with this sort of anxiety with homeopathic remedies. In fact, we carry a small homeopathic emergency kit with us wherever we go, just in case. You can find one at www.phdproducts.com.

Homeopathy relies on the energy of natural substances. These natural substances, which come from plants or minerals, are diluted to the extreme and then added to milk sugar pellets. This form of treatment, which was popular until the discovery of antibiotics, generally fell out of favor during the middle of the 20th century. Today, this form of treatment is enjoying an enormous resurgence all over the world, and many vets in Europe are trained both in traditional medicine and homeopathy.

Because the homeopathic remedies are so diluted, they're safe to use and don't cause side effects. They come in different strengths, called potencies. These potencies have numbers from 3X upwards. We use a diluted form at the 30C potency. You can find these remedies in the health food section of supermarkets, as well as in health food stores. Effective in dealing with many conditions, each dose consists of three pellets that you put into the back of your dog's mouth.

The following listing includes a few common homeopathic remedies we find useful and use frequently, along with what they treat. All are in the emergency kit we carry with us and that we mention earlier in this section.

^ Aconite: fright, anxiety, and fear of thunderstorms ^ Apis: Bee stings, any shiny swellings

^ Arnica: Bruising from falls, dog bites, and recuperation from any operation ^ Belladonna: Heat stroke and hot, red ears ^ Carbo Veg: Bloating or gas

^ CliaiiioniiUa: Vomiting of yellow bile and teething problems ^ Ferrum Phos: Stops bleeding

^ Hydrophobinum: (Sometimes called Lyssin), reaction to rabies vaccine ^ Hypericum: Stops pain to nerve endings after injury or operations ^ Ignatia: Grief, insecurity, stress, or sadness ^ Ledum: Insect or spider bites

^ Nux Vomica: Any kind of poisoning; recuperation after anesthesia ^ Phosphorus: Sound sensitivity ^ Rhus Tox (poison ivy): Rheumatism ^ Sulphur: Good skin and mange remedy ^ Thuja: Vaccine reaction

Many holistic vets are trained in homeopathy, and you probably can find one in your area without difficulty. To find a holistic vet in your area go to the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association's Web site at www.ahvma.org.

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