Identifying a Well Trained

A well-trained dog is a joy to have around. He is welcome almost anywhere because he behaves around people and around other dogs. He knows how to stay, and he comes when called. He's a pleasure to take for a walk, and he can be let loose for a romp in the park. He can be taken on trips and family outings. He is a member of the family in every sense of the word.

The most important benefit for your dog is your safety, the safety of others, and his own safety. A dog that listens and does what he's told rarely gets into trouble. Instead of being a slave to a leash or a line, a trained dog is truly a free dog — he can be trusted to stay when told, not to jump on people, to come when called, and not to chase a cat across the road.

For more than 30 years, we have taught dog training classes, seminars, and weeklong training camps. We listen carefully when our students tell us what a well-trained dog should be. First and foremost, they say, he has to be housetrained (see Chapter 4). After that, in order of importance, a well-trained dog is one who i Doesn't jump on people i Doesn't beg at the table i Doesn't bother guests i Comes when called i Doesn't pull on the leash

Note that these requirements, with one exception, are expressed in the negative — that is, dog, don't do that. For purposes of training, you need to express these requirements in the positive so that you can teach your dog exactly what you expect from him. (See Chapter 10.) Here is what the new list of requirements for a well-trained dog looks like:

i Sit when I tell you. i Go somewhere and chill out.

i Lie down when I tell you and stay there. i Come when called. i Walk on a loose leash.

The "Sit" and "Down-Stay" commands are the building blocks for a well-trained dog; if Buddy knows nothing else, you can live with him. Of course, your Buddy might have some additional wrinkles that need ironing out, some of which are more matters of management than training (see Chapter 10). He may enjoy landscaping, as do our Dachshunds, who delight in digging holes in the backyard and can do so with amazing speed and vigor. Unless you're willing to put up with what can become major excavation projects, the best defense is to expend this digging energy with plenty of exercise, training, and supervision. Another favorite pastime of some dogs is raiding the garbage. Prevention is the cure here: Put the garbage where your dog can't get to it.

One of our Dachshunds learned to open the refrigerator by yanking on the towel we kept draped through the door handle and to help himself to anything he could reach. Prevention was the answer. We removed the towel.

Dog Potty Training

Dog Potty Training

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