Introducing Buddy to the Ready command

Now for your Sequence 2 goal — to introduce your dog to the "Ready!" command.

When teaching "Ready!" hold your hands in Control Position, and keep your shoulders absolutely straight. You want to use body language to communicate forward motion to your dog. Dropping your left shoulder or pointing it back communicates just the opposite.

1. Attach the leash to the training collar, and sit your dog at Heel position.

2. Hold the leash in Control Position and look at your dog, keeping your left shoulder absolutely straight.

3. Quietly and in an excited tone of voice, say "Ready!"

4. Say "Buddy, heel," move out briskly for five paces, and release.

Wait until you finish giving the command before you move. Otherwise, you're teaching your dog to move on his name or your motion — not a good idea.

5. Repeat ten times.

Ignore what Buddy is doing in this exercise. Concentrate on your part — which is making it exciting and fun for your dog — of keeping your hands in position and starting and releasing on the leadoff leg.

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