Leaving Buddy in a Stand Stay

Ready for Sequence 5? You're going to leave Buddy in a Stand-Stay position:

1. Stand next to your sitting dog.

2. Put the thumb of your right hand through the collar as in Sequence 1 ^ _ (see "Teaching Buddy the 'Stand' command" earlier in this chapter).

Depending on the size of your dog, you may have to bend at the knees to [Coil avoid leaning over him.

3. With a little downward pressure on the collar, say "Stand." He should now stand without you having to touch his stifles.

4. Take your right hand out of the collar and stand up straight.

5. Say "Stay," and step directly in front of him.

6. Count to 30, step back to a Heel position, praise, and release. Reposition him if he moves.

7. Gradually increase the distance you leave him to six feet in front.

8. From now on when you leave him, go six feet straight forward, turn and face him (don't back away from him), count to 30, go back, praise, and release.

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