Managing positive stress

For example, say that Buddy stresses in a "positive" way, which means he gets overexcited and bouncy. In the case of a person, you may say that he or she is hysterical. In the old movies, when someone started screaming uncontrollably, this was handled by slapping the person on the cheek. (For Buddy, a check on the collar to settle him down would be the same thing.) However, we advise that you keep your hands still and off your dog and keep your voice quiet, or you'll excite him even more. Instead, give him the "Down" command and enforce it.

Every behavior has a timeframe, and experience tells you how long Buddy takes to calm down under different circumstances. During times of severe stress, Buddy is unable to learn or respond to commands, even those he knows well, until his body rebalances itself. Your goal is to restore your dog's breathing pattern and body posture to normal. With the right management on your part, Buddy will become comfortable with any new situation.

Dog Potty Training

Dog Potty Training

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