No No Command

Our least favorite command is "No." We prefer to tell the dog exactly what it is we want him to do with an action command, such "Come," "Sit," or "Down." When the dog responds, we can then praise him by telling him how good he is.

"No" is nebulous, negative, and overused, and most of the time doesn't give the dog any specific instruction or directive. Worse yet, "No" doesn't generally lend itself to being followed by praise. For example, Buddy wants to jump on you, you yell "No," and he stops. Can you now praise him? No, because he may still be thinking about jumping on you and praising him encourages him to try again, not the message you want to give.

All in all, eliminate the word from your communications with Buddy. Of course, in an emergency, you do what you have to.

Dog Potty Training

Dog Potty Training

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