Open the door but dont let him come out yet until you say OK and then praise

Your goal in Sequence 4 is to review Sequences 1 through 3 coming back into the house.

You have to release your dog to go through doors or up and down stairs. If you get lax about it, your dog will start releasing himself, thereby defeating the object of the training.

You can now apply the same principle to one or more rooms in the house. As a trick, you can teach it to your dog by drawing a line on the ground and using the line as a threshold. After your dog understands the basic principle, he'll catch on to anything you don't want him to cross.

This one is a cute trick. It involves balancing a piece of food on Buddy's nose until you say "OK." Some dogs even toss it in the air and catch it on the way down.

Your goal in Sequence 1 is to be able to cup your hand over your dog's muzzle. If you have taught your dog to retrieve, he already knows this.

1. Sit your dog and pet him for a few seconds.

2. Cup your hand over his muzzle from the top, just as you do for the Retrieve (see Chapter 15).

3. Kneel or squat in front of your dog and keep your upper body straight.

With your other hand hold a treat near your dog's nose and get him to focus on the treat.

4. Release with "OK" and give him the treat.

You need to be able to hold his muzzle so that you can put a piece of food on his nose.

5. Repeat until you can cup his muzzle and he focuses on the treat.

The goal in Sequence 2 is to put the treat on his nose.

1. Gently hold his muzzle and put the treat on the dog's nose in front of your thumb.

2. Tell him to "Stay" or "Wait," and then release him.

The treat will either fall off or get bounced into the air.

Sequence 3's goal is to increase the time he balances the treat.

1. Start by holding his muzzle and placing the treat on his nose.

2. Say, "Stay" and have your dog balance the treat for ten seconds, and then release him.

3. Repeat and increase the time to 20 seconds.

With Sequence 4, your dog should balance the treat without help from you.

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