Passing the Test

Organizations offering the Canine Good Citizen test have considerable leeway in making up the order in which to give the tests. The most common order is the one in which we list them in "Exercise requirements of the Canine Good Citizen test" earlier in this chapter. The supervised separation test may take place in the presence of other dogs that are also doing this test.

Usually three evaluators conduct the test. The first evaluator conducts tests one through three, the second one tests four through nine, and the third one test ten. The test is scored on a pass/fail basis and in order to qualify for a Canine Good Citizen certificate, the dog must pass each of the ten tests.

An automatic failure results when a dog eliminates (poops or pees) during testing, except during test ten, provided it's held outdoors. Any dog that growls, snaps, bites, attacks, or attempts to attack a person or another dog isn't a good citizen and must be dismissed from the test.

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