Prey drive

Prey drive includes those inherited behaviors associated with hunting, killing prey, and eating. The prey drive is activated by motion, sound, and smell. Behaviors associated with prey drive (see Figure 5-1) include the following:

1 Air scenting and tracking 1 Biting and killing 1 Carrying 1 Digging and burying 1 Eating

1 High-pitched barking 1 Jumping up and pulling down 1 Pouncing

1 Seeing, hearing, and smelling 1 Shaking an object 1 Stalking and chasing 1 Tearing and ripping apart

You see some of these behaviors when Buddy is chasing the cat or gets excited and barks in a high-pitched tone as the cat runs up a tree. Buddy may also shake and rip up soft toys or bury bones in the couch.

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