Reinforcing the Ready command

Sometimes Buddy will be distracted to such an extent that he won't respond to the treat, much less the command. For those occasions, you need to be able to reinforce the command so that he'll learn that when you say the magic word, he has to pay attention no matter what's out there. Perform the following steps to reinforce the "Ready!" command, Sequence 5's goal:

1. Attach the leash to the training collar, and sit your dog at Heel position.

2. Hold the leash in Control Position and look at your dog, keeping your left shoulder absolutely straight.

3. Give the "Ready!" command.

4. Do one of the following:

• If Buddy looks up at you expectantly, praise and then release.

• If he does not look up at you, check in the direction you want him to focus — usually, your face. When he looks up, praise and release.

Nagging your dog with ineffective checks isn't a good training technique. Get a response the first time so you can praise and release him. If you repeatedly don't get a response, review the prior sequences.

5. Repeat until your dog is rock solid on responding to the "Ready!" command.

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