Repeat until your dog lies down on command at your side

This is the review progression for this exercise.

Use the following tips and tidbits to help:

1 Many of you are blissfully unaware of your own body motions, and you may not be aware of the visual cues you're giving your dog. Always make sure that you aren't inadvertently moving some part of your body — even as much as a finger — and that you're facing straight forward. Note that because visual cues are so important to success in training, it helps to have someone else watch you and then tell you what you're doing. Better yet, occasionally videotape each other. Or stand in front of a mirror and watch yourself.

1 The purpose of counting to five after a given response is so the dog focuses on what it is you want and doesn't immediately start doing something else.

1 When you're trying to decide what's an unacceptable response, keep in mind that your dog's size and structure determine how he performs the Down exercise. Some dogs are structurally unable to lie down without first going into the sitting position. So long as they stop any forward progress when the command is given, your dog won't be penalized for first assuming the sitting position and then lying down.

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