Reward him with a treat held in the hand that gave the signal

From now on, Buddy is only rewarded for going to the designated spot, and he has to learn that the reward comes from you. If your dog has difficulty catching on, don't hesitate to reintroduce the target on a random basis.

With each successive repetition, increase the distance to the target by two feet until you're 75 feet from the target. Repeat at that distance 50 times over the course of several sessions.

The Obedience Regulations don't specify the commands you have to use, and the commands don't have to be in English. But excessively loud commands, as in yelling at the dog, aren't permitted.

During this progression, Buddy learns to turn and sit in the box. Continue to follow him and use the step and signal so he understands that you want him to turn and sit immediately. The step and signal prevent him from getting into the habit of taking several steps toward you, which you don't want.

So what do you do if Buddy doesn't leave or only goes part of the way? Without saying anything, slowly approach him, put two fingers of your left hand through the collar (back to front, palm facing you, at the side of his neck), and take him to the spot you indicated. Reinforce with "Sit," let go, give him a treat, and release. Send him again.

Now for Progression 3 — sending your dog two times in a row:

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