Rewarding Buddys response

Sequence 4 rewards dogs that respond to the "Ready!" command and helps those that are a little slow to pick up on it:

1. With your dog sitting at a Heel position, neatly fold the leash into your left hand, which should be placed at your belt buckle.

2. Hold a treat in your right hand, placing your hand at your right side.

3. Look at your dog, smile, and say "Ready!"

4. Do one of the following:

• If he looks at you, tell him how clever he is, give him the treat, and release.

• If he doesn't look at you, put the treat in front of his nose, and move the treat in the direction of your face. When he follows the treat, tell him how clever he is, give him the treat, and release.

5. Repeat until your dog responds without hesitation to the "Ready!" command.

Dog Potty Training

Dog Potty Training

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