Send him and when he gets to the spot say Buddy sit

3. Praise, count to five, release, and call him back to you.

4. Line him up at Heel position and send him again.

5. When he gets there, have him sit; then go to him, praise, reward, and release.

Repeat this sequence 50 times.

If he doesn't leave you or doesn't go to the designated spot, show him where you want him to go. To keep your dog motivated, frequently reintroduce the target with a treat.

Introduce distractions as you have for previous exercises by having the distracter first stand midway between you and the designated spot, two feet from Buddy's line of travel and then two feet from the designated spot. Work your way through first, second, and third degree distractions. If Buddy veers away from the distracter, use two distracters, starting at eight feet apart, and teach him to go straight through.

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