One way to describe skijoring would be cross-country skiing supplemented by dog power. Skijoring is an exhilarating winter sport in which a person wearing skis is drawn over snow by one or more dogs. The sport originated in Scandinavia and translated means "ski-driving." The dog is harnessed and a line is attached to the harness. The skier in turn attaches the line to a skijoring belt, which she wears around her waist. And off they go with the dog propelling the skier along. Any medium-sized dog (30 pounds or more) can participate — finally he has an outlet for his desire to pull. Of course, the skier can't expect the dog to do all the work and she has to actively contribute.

Skijoring can be divided into two general categories:

i Recreational: For owners who just enjoy being out with their dog i Competitive: Such as Sprint Racing and Long Distance Racing

Would it surprise you that top sprint skijorers can reach speeds close to 30 miles per hour and that long distance races are sometimes as long as 320 miles? And here you thought your dog had a lot of energy. For more information, click on the North American Skijoring and Ski Pulk Association's Web site at

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