Spaying or Neutering

Unless you intend to exhibit your dog in dog shows to get a championship or to breed the dog, you need to seriously consider neutering your dog.

The advantages of neutering your pet generally outweigh the disadvantages. For the male, the advantages include the following:

1 Keeps him calm and less stressed around a female who is in season 1 Reduces the tendency to roam 1 Diminishes mounting behavior 1 Makes training easier

1 Improves overall disposition, especially toward other dogs 1 Reduces risk of prostate problems developing in the older male

In short, he'll be easier to live with and easier to train. Neutering also curbs the urge to roam or run away. So if the front door is left open by accident, he won't go miles to find a female in season, like our friend the Basset whom we introduced in the preceding section.

It isn't true that dogs that have been neutered lose their protective instincts — it depends on the age when the dog was neutered. Generally, dogs neutered after a year of age retain their protective instincts.

If you spay your female, she, too, will stay closer to home. Perhaps even more important are these benefits:

i You won't have to deal with the mess that goes with having her in season.

i You won't have to worry about unwanted visitors camping on your property and lifting a leg against any vertical surface.

i You won't have to worry about accidental puppies, which are next to impossible to place in good homes.

i You may have a healthier dog with less chance of getting tumors of the mammary glands and infections of the uterus.


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