Suffering from Carsickness

Carsickness, which manifests itself in excessive drooling or vomiting, can be attributed to

1 True motion sickness 1 A negative association with riding in a car

For obvious reasons, dogs that have a tendency to get carsick usually aren't taken for rides very often. And when they are, it's to the vet. You can compare his reaction to that of a child who, every time it gets in the car, goes to the doctor for a shot. It doesn't take many repetitions before your dog makes an unpleasant association with your car.

Some dogs get sick in vans because they can't see out of the window, and others get sick in cars because they can see out of the window. Whatever the reason for the dog's reaction, you can create a pleasant association with the car. When working with your dog to make car rides a positive experience, you can tell how well he's taking to the car and how much time you need to spend at each sequence.

Throughout this remedial exercise, maintain a light and happy attitude. Avoid a solicitous tone of voice and phrases such as, "It's all right. Don't worry. Nothing is going to happen to you." These reassurances validate the dog's concerns and reinforce his phobia about the car.

1. Open all the doors and, with the engine off, coax your dog into the car.

If he doesn't want to go in, pick him up and put him in the car. After he's in the car (no matter how he got there), give him a treat, tell him how proud you are of him, and immediately let him out again. Repeat this step until he's comfortable getting into the car on his own.

2. After your dog is comfortable getting into the car willingly, close the doors on one side of the car, keep the engine shut off, and coax your dog into the car again.

3. When he's comfortable with Step 2, tell your dog to get in the car, give him a treat, and close the doors.

Let him out again, and give him a treat. Repeat until he readily goes into the car, and you can close the doors for up to one minute.

4. Tell your dog to get into the car, get in with him, close all the doors, and start the engine.

Give your dog a treat. Turn off the engine, and let him out.

5. Now it's time for a short drive, no more than once around the block.

Increase the length of the rides, always starting and ending with a treat.

Give Buddy a ginger cookie. Ginger cookies are an excellent treat. Ginger calms your dog's stomach.

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