Surviving the Puppy Period

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^ Allowing your puppy to socialize

^ Recognizing the importance of an enriched environment ^ Understanding your puppy's growth cycles ^ Handling the challenges your puppy throws your way ^ Knowing whether and when to spay and neuter ^ Wondering if your puppy will ever grow up veryone wants a super puppy, one that's well behaved and listens to »•every word you say — a Lassie or perhaps even a Beethoven. Of course, heredity plays a role, but so does early upbringing and environment. From birth until maturity, your dog goes through a number of developmental stages. What happens during these stages has a lasting effect on how your dog turns out, his ability to learn, his outlook on life, and his behavior.

The many scientists and behaviorists who've studied dog behavior over the last century have made important discoveries about these developmental stages and how they relate to a dog's ability to grow into a well-adjusted pet. These stages are called the critical periods, and what happens or doesn't happen during that time determines how the pup turns out as an adult and how he responds to your efforts to train him.

The first critical period is from birth to 49 days. During this time, the puppy needs his mother and the interaction with his littermates. He also needs to have interaction with humans. Although these particular periods aren't within your control, we briefly describe in this chapter what happens during the weaning period when the puppy learns to learn. And we also deal with the periods that follow and how they relate to training.

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