Take the elbow of his dominant front leg and lift it off the ground about two inches

(If you don't know your dog's dominant side, he'll quickly show you.)

5. Slide your hand down to the paw and gently shake.

6. Praise enthusiastically as you're shaking his paw.

7. Reward with a treat and release him with "OK."

8. Repeat this sequence five times over the course of three sessions to get your dog used to this exercise and to hearing the command.

When teaching your dog to shake and when you offer him your palm, reduce your body posture by either kneeling or squatting so that you don't lean or hover over him.

Your goal for Sequence 2 is for your dog to lift his paw.

1. Sit your dog in front of you and reduce your body posture.

2. Offer your palm with the command "Shake."

Pause. You're looking for some sort of response. If nothing happens, touch his elbow and offer your palm again. Give him the chance to lift his paw.

3. When he lifts the paw on his own, take the paw, enthusiastically praise, reward, and release.

4. If nothing happens, take his paw, praise, reward, and release.

You'll find that as soon as you offer your palm, your dog will put his paw in it without waiting for the command. When this starts to happen, teach him to give you the other paw by saying "The Other One." (See the next section for more info on "The Other One.")

Stay with this sequence until your dog is lifting his paw off the ground on command so that you can shake it.

Your goal for Sequence 3 is to put his paw into your palm.

1. Sit your dog in front of you and reduce your body posture.

2. Offer your palm at mid-chest level and say "Shake."

At this point, he should put his paw on your palm. Praise enthusiastically, reward, and release.

3. If nothing happens, go back to Sequence 2.

Stay with this sequence until your dog readily and without hesitation puts his paw on your palm.

Finally, your goal with Sequence 4 is to raise his paw as high as he can. 1. Sit your dog in front of you and reduce your body posture.

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