Teaching Buddy the actual examination

Sequence 7's goal is to teach Buddy the examination part of the exercise. For this sequence, you need a helper. At this time, the helper can be a family member. Eventually, however, Buddy has to be examined by a stranger, and because the judge can be either male or female, you need to practice with both men and women.

To introduce your dog to this exercise, start with the Sit for Examination, which is almost identical to Sitting Politely for Petting in the Canine Good Citizen test (see Chapter 12). Do the following:

Put the rings of the collar on top of the dog's neck. Attach your leash to the collar. Sit your dog at the Heel position.

Neatly fold the leash into your left hand, hold it above his head, and say "Stay."

Have your helper approach and offer your dog the palm of his or her hand.

If Buddy tries to say hello to the helper, reinforce the "Stay" command with a check straight up.

Have your helper lightly touch Buddy's head and back. Praise and release.

Repeat Steps 1 through 7 until he readily permits the examination.

Practice the examination over the course of several sessions.

Repeat the steps off leash with your dog standing at heel, then with you standing directly in front, then three feet in front, and finally six feet in front.

Before every exercise, the judge asks, "Are you ready?" We answer with "Ready!" for the heeling exercises and "Yes" for everything else. (Check out Chapter 13 for how to prepare your dog for the "Ready!" command.)

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