Teaching Buddy the GoOut command

For Progression 1 and to teach Buddy to leave, use food or an object, like a stick or a toy. To teach him where to go, use a box, made from PVC pipe, that's commensurate to the size of the dog. Then put the box in front of a barrier, such as a section of fencing or the side of a house.

1. Get your dog used to the box by heeling him into the box and then calling him into it.

2. Put a target (see Chapter 16) inside the box.

3. With Buddy on leash, show him a treat and say "Out" as both of you go into the box.

4. Place the treat on the target and let him pick it up. Praise, encourage him to turn around in the box, and release backward.

5. Repeat until Buddy is comfortable with going into and turning in the box.

6. Leave Buddy in a Sit-Stay ten feet in front of the target, let him see you place a treat on the target, go back to Heel position, and send him with "Buddy, out."

You may signal him at the same time with your left hand in the direction you want him to go.

7. When he gets to the target, let him take the treat, praise, and call him back.

With each successive repetition, increase the distance to the target by two feet until you're 75 feet from the target. Repeat at that distance 50 times over the course of several sessions.

Teaching the Go-Out is pure target training with the addition of the box so that the dog knows where to sit.

Now you're ready for Progression 2:

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