Teaching Buddy the Return

Your Sequence 6 goal is to teach the Return behind your dog:

1. Stand your dog (see "Teaching Buddy the 'Stand' command" earlier in this chapter), and go six feet in front (see the preceding section).

2. Go back to your dog, put two fingers of your left hand on his withers to steady him, and walk around behind him to the Heel position.

3. Pause, making sure he doesn't move, praise, and release.

4. When he understands that you're going to come around behind him, eliminate touching him as you return to the Heel position.

Dog shows are held indoors and outdoors in all kinds of weather conditions. If the dog show you're attending is outdoors and it's raining, the judge will have on rain gear, which may include a big, floppy hat — something your dog may not have experienced before. Don't be caught unprepared: Practice under those unpleasant conditions.

Dog Care Duty

Dog Care Duty

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