Teaching Buddy the Turn and Send

Sequence 7's goal is to teach your dog the Turn and Send:

1. For the finished product, you and Buddy will have your backs turned to the eight articles as the judge places the article that you scented among the unscented articles.

The judge then says, "Send your dog."

2. You can then make a right about-turn in place, at the same time sending your dog, or you can have him Sit at Heel and then send him.

3. With Buddy in Heel position, show him the article, give the command "Find it," make an about-turn in place, and throw the article, letting him chase it.

4. Practice several times until Buddy catches on to the maneuver.

5. Put out your articles and repeat the procedure, only this time throwing the article into the pile.

6. Following a few repetitions of that maneuver, line up with Buddy in Heel position with your backs to the articles from about 20 feet away.

7. Tell him to stay, place your scented article in the pile, return to Buddy, and send him with "Find it" as you make an about-turn in place to the right.

Unless there's a compelling reason to have your dog Sit at Heel, we suggest that you send him as you make the turn. It's more motivational.

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