Ten Okay Eleven Fun and Exciting Sporting Activities

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^ Sharing sporting activities ^ Trying some activities for fun and games f n addition to obedience competition, you and your dog can participate in numerous other competitions and events. Some are for specific breeds, such as herding trials, and others are for all dogs, such as agility. Many are conducted under the auspices of the American Kennel Club (AKC), and some aren't, such as Schutzhund trials. Still others are for one breed, such as the Portuguese Water Dog rescue trials and the Newfoundland Club of America's Water Rescue and Draft Dog events.

The AKC awards more than 50 different performance titles in eight different categories. And other organizations have an almost equal number of titles.

^ Obedience titles — 6, plus 5 Versatility titles, each consisting of an agility, obedience, and tracking title, Rally titles, and more

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