Ten or So Tricks for Fun and Gains

In This Chapter

^ Understanding the secret to teaching tricks ^ Trying amusing and useful tricks ^ Teaching your dog tricks that amaze and astound

£very well-trained dog knows a trick or two that can impress friends and family alike. Tricks you can teach your dog can be simple or complex, depending on your dog's drives and your interest.

One of the more astonishing tricks, at least until you know how it works, requires a reliable retrieve on command. Others require no more than a simple "Stay," but to the uninitiated, they're equally astonishing. This chapter offers just a few to get you started.

For this chapter, we're indebted to Mary Ann Rombold Zeigenfuse, one of the lead instructors at our annual training camps and the trainer of President George H. W. and Barbara Bush's dog Millie. She wrote Dog Tricks: Step by Step (Howell Book House, Inc.), thereby keeping alive the tradition of anyone who has ever had anything to do with the White House, no matter how remote, becoming an author.

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