The Companion Dog Title

In This Chapter

^ Doing the Stand for Examination exercise ^ Transitioning to and accomplishing Heeling Off Leash ^ Perfecting the Recall exercise ^ Excelling at the group exercises

Chapter 13 introduces the American Kennel Club's (AKC) Novice class and its goal — the Companion Dog title. That chapter gives an overview of the six required exercises for the title and the points needed to earn that title, and it also provides the nitty-gritty details for completing the first exercise. This chapter covers the remainder of the exercises for the Companion Dog title:

1 Stand for Examination 1 Heeling Off Leash 1 Recall

1 Group Exercises

During a training session, practice different exercises, and vary the order. Start with some brisk heeling as a warm-up, including fast starts and changes of pace. Keep training interesting and fun for both of you.

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