The Directed Retrieve

This particular exercise requires Buddy to retrieve one of three predominantly white gloves, such as white cotton gardening variety, which are placed at the unobstructed end of the ring about 15 feet apart. You're required to give your dog the direction to the designated glove with a single motion of the left arm and hand and a verbal command.

The exercise starts with you and Buddy in the center of the ring with your backs to the gloves. The judge says something like "Glove number one," which designates the glove behind you on your right. Glove number two is the one directly behind you, and number three is the one to your left.

Other than teaching Buddy how to retrieve a glove, the only new maneuver you have to teach Buddy is the turns in place, with the emphasis on place. When working on the turns in place, keep in mind that the more accurate your dog is on Heel position, the less likely he is to make a mistake.

The turns in place are the make-or-break maneuvers for the Directed Retrieve exercise.

All turns in place start with Buddy sitting at heel, leash in Control Position.

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