The Moving Stand with Examination

For this exercise, you're required to heel your dog for about ten feet when the judge tells you to "Stand your dog." Without pausing or breaking your stride, you give the command and/or signal to stand and continue walking 10 to 12 feet. Then you turn and face your dog. The judge examines your dog, a little more thoroughly than he does in the Novice class, and then he says, "Call your dog to heel." You then give the command and/or signal for Buddy to go directly to heel.

Here are the progressions:

^ Progression 1: With your dog on leash and at heel, say "Let's go" and start walking. After several steps, give the signal to stand, say "Stay," and continue walking. When you get to the end of the leash, turn and face your dog. Tell him what a clever fellow he is, count to five, and release. Practice ten times over the course of several sessions.

For the Moving Stand, the dog must Stand and Stay on command without taking any steps forward while you keep walking.

If Buddy needs help, use the same technique you use to teach a Stand at Heel (see Chapter 14).

Now try it off leash.

^ Progression 2: Start again with your dog on leash. Take several steps, stand your dog, go to the end of the leash, and face him. Count to five, signal, and say "Buddy, heel," guiding him into Heel position. Praise and release. The Obedience Regulations permit you to give both the signal to heel and the command for this exercise.

When Buddy correctly goes to Heel On Leash, try it off leash. Then gradually increase the distance you leave him in a Stand until you can go about 10 to 12 feet, as required by the regulations, before you turn and face him.

^ Progression 3: Finally, you need to practice the examination part of the exercise with a helper.

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