The Other

This trick is an extension of Shake, which is part of the High Five exercise in the preceding section. It follows the same sequences, except you want your dog to give you the other paw. What you'll see happening is that as soon as you offer your palm, your dog will give you his paw without waiting for the command.

You're going to use the same sequences as in the High Five exercise except that you'll point directly at the leg you want the dog to lift, that is, the other one, and you'll use a new command, such as "The Other One," or whatever. Buddy will soon figure out the difference, because he won't get the treat unless he gives you the correct paw.

You can now impress your friends and neighbors with how clever Buddy is.


Roll Over is always a great favorite. It requires the dog to lie on the floor and completely roll over sideways. As a prerequisite, the dog must know how to lie down on command (see Chapter 7).

Roll Over is always a crowd pleaser. You can easily teach most dogs that know the "Down" command and respond to a treat.

Your goal with Sequence 1, the first of three sequences, is to get your dog to roll over with a little help from you.

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