Treats Are Your Training Buddies

Other than your ingenuity and intellect, treats are the most powerful training tool you can use. If your dog isn't interested in food, see Chapter 2 for the definition of object of attraction.

You can use treats in one of two ways:

1 As a reward for a desired response: When you use it as a reward, you keep the treat hidden from the dog, who doesn't know whether or not he's going to get it. For example, you say "Down," and Buddy lies down. He may get a treat, or he may not.

When conditioning your dog to a particular command, to be effective, the treat has to immediately follow the desired response so the dog understands that he's being rewarded for that particular response. Don't diddle around fumbling for a treat and give it to him just as he's getting up again. You'd be rewarding Buddy for getting up, not what you wanted at all.

1 As a lure or inducement to obtain a desired response: Now the treat is in the open and you use it to entice the dog to lie down, and when he does, he gets the treat. When used as an inducement, it's within the dog's control whether he gets the treat or not.

Because you're going to use treats both as a reward and as an inducement, you need to decide where to carry them. Some people use fanny packs, some a trouser pocket, and still others a shirt pocket. All these options are fine so long as you realize that as soon as your hand moves, your dog will focus on where you keep the treats. Wherever you keep them, you must be able to reach them quickly to reward the desired response. Having a few in the palm of your hand when working on a particular exercise isn't a bad idea. The key is to use the treat before the dog does something you don't intend to reward. If you can't get to the treat quickly, there's a good chance that Buddy will do something you don't want to reward — and you'll have lost the moment to reinforce the right behavior. We make a habit of having some treats with us at all times.

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