Trying to solve your dogs behavior problems

You've decided that you can't live with your dog's irritating behaviors and that you're going to work with him to be the pet you expected and always wanted. You understand doing so will require an investment of time, effort, and perhaps even expert help. But you're willing to work to achieve your goal — a long-lasting, mutually rewarding relationship. Good for you! This book can help you.

Obedience training, in and of itself, isn't necessarily the answer. Still, when you train your dog, you're spending meaningful time with him, which in many cases is half the battle. Much depends on the cause of the problem.

For most people, dog ownership is a compromise between tolerating and working with our dogs. We find certain behaviors objectionable but realistically can't do anything about them. As long as the joys of dog ownership outweigh the headaches, people usually put up with these behaviors.

Dog Potty Training

Dog Potty Training

This is for people who want to potty train their dog NOW. Discover The Ability To Finally Potty Train Your Dog In No Time! I'm going to get right down to it... If you've found this page, either you or someone you know has a puppy that needs to be potty trained. Maybe you've tried a ton of various methods you've read about but have had no success. How can some people potty train their puppy with hardly any effort?

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