Understanding the system

You and Buddy can enter either the Pre-Novice or the Novice class. The required exercises for both classes demonstrate the usefulness of the purebred dog as a companion. You can also enter the Rally class (see the section, "The Rally Class," later in the chapter).

The Pre-Novice is a nonregular class that, like the Canine Good Citizen (see Chapter 12), serves as an introduction to the world of obedience events. Seven nonregular classes — Graduate Novice, Graduate Open, Brace (two dogs handled by one person), Veterans (for dogs at least 7 years of age), Versatility, Team (four dogs and four handlers), and Pre-Novice — are available. Participation in nonregular classes doesn't earn AKC titles.

For the Pre-Novice class, no minimum point score is required for a qualifying score, and whoever has the highest score wins the class. Pre-Novice is ideal for people or dogs who've never participated in a dog show before.

The cornerstones of the Pre-Novice class, and of all the other obedience classes, are having a dog that does the following:

1 Pays attention to you 1 Knows how to heel

Later in this chapter, we concentrate on these two concepts.

Dog Care Duty

Dog Care Duty

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