Understanding Your Dogs Mind

In This Chapter

► Distinguishing your dog's instinctive behaviors

► Knowing what drives your dog to certain behaviors

► Profiling your dog's personality

► Applying your dog's profile to your training plans

7o train Buddy, you need some insight into what is happening at any given moment in his little brain. Here, your powers of observation can help you. In many instances, Buddy's behavior is quite predictable based on what he has done in similar situations before. You may be surprised at what you already know. You can almost see the wheels turning when he's about to chase a car, bicycle, or jogger. If you're observant, Buddy will give you just enough time to stop him.

You don't, however, have to rely on observation alone. To help you understand how Buddy's mind works, we've devised a simple Personality Profile that's an amazingly accurate predictor of his behavior, such as his propensity to chase moving objects.

Such is the stuff of this chapter. Read on.

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Dog Potty Training

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