Using Control Position

In practice, you're also going to graduate from leash over the shoulder to Control Position, which makes it easier for you to remind Buddy of his responsibility to pay attention to you and stay in Heel position when he permits himself to become distracted. Control Position (see Figure 13-1) is used whenever you want to practice attention and precision heeling.

Dog Heel Position

To hold the leash in Control Position,

1. Attach the leash to your dog's training collar.

2. Position both rings of the collar under his chin.

3. Put the loop of the leash over the thumb of your right hand.

4. Neatly fold the leash, accordion-style, into your right hand, with the part going to the dog coming out from under your little finger.

5. Place your right hand against the front of your leg, palm facing your leg.

6. With your left hand, grasp the leash in front of your left leg, palm facing your leg.

Keep both hands below your waist at all times and your elbows relaxed and close to your body. Take up enough slack in the leash so that the leash snap is parallel with the ground.

How To Stop Biting

How To Stop Biting

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