Weaning Buddy off the board

Your Sequence 6 goal is to wean your dog off the board:

Reverse the procedure and untie two articles. After each successful round, stop. Over the course of several sessions, repeat until all the articles are loose on the board. If he comes back with the wrong article, slowly approach him, take the article out of his mouth, take him back to the starting position, and send him again. Don't do anything that might discourage your dog.

Teaching your dog the Scent Discrimination exercise mainly involves building his confidence. You want to encourage him and not discourage him.


Doing this exercise on the board and doing it on any other surface isn't the same. Begin to wean Buddy from the board by placing the scented article on the floor/ground in front of the board. When he is successful, using ordinary kitchen tongs, place two unscented articles on the floor/ground in front of the board, along with the scented one. When he's steady retrieving the correct article, place the remainder of the articles, two at a time, on the floor/ground in front of the board. After he is reliable with all the articles on the floor/ground, eliminate the board.

Right after it looks like Buddy has finally gotten the hang of it, he may go through one or more regressions, meaning that he may give the appearance of not having the foggiest idea of what this exercise is all about. You can recognize it by the number of successive incorrect responses: He brings back the wrong article, you send him again, and he brings back another incorrect article, and so on. This situation is normal, and you should expect it. The best advice we can give you is to put him back on the board for several days as a form of review.

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